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  核心提示: 1.85 element legend network card tour hand 'forex21' 1st anniversary celebration was successfully h...
1.85 element legend network card tour hand "forex21" 1st anniversary celebration was successfully held in Shanghai today. The event is to offline game player will meet in the form of 1.85 elements of the legendary network vice president and general manager of the studio, unlimited well-known game producer Cheng Liangqi (Wolf) share "forex21" development philosophy and game player, "forex21", the creative team also attended a new piece of information content of the site and the upcoming game's first exposure the announced the Dragon research plan ", aims to enhance the game player in the game development process participation.
"Forex21" 1st Anniversary Celebration
At the event, Cheng Liangqi shared the story behind forex21. Game creative team based on traditional journey theme, with "Dragon Spirit" perspective, aiming at the needs of users of gameplay and game screen to design the "different" card Mobile Games, create a young adventure, unfettered world. Therefore, within one year, with the joint efforts of dozens of people, forex21 has gained the recognition of a large number of young users by virtue of its product features.
Subsequently, the "forex21" master planning Cauchy introduced to the scene as the 1.85 elements of the legendary game player, unlimited studio "dragon" series of products, "forex21" from the project to the product line, after grinding for 10 months, a much younger users love the journey card has become Mobile Games. At present, the number of domestic registered users has reached 25 million, large data films updated 11, version 41 iterations. July 4th is about to usher in twelfth new materials, "gods contend for hegemony" is also the first anniversary of the exposure.
Let players feel particularly excited is that "forex21" operations manager Rui Rui announced at the scene, the project team is about to launch a "dragon research project."". It is understood that the plan of the audience for the game player, game player in the game is to achieve the purpose of design in the real sense, the content is mainly divided into two aspects: the formation of the "dragon planning group" and "game player Intern program. First of all, the "Dragon Slayer" is composed of the core players of the game, and its members can experience the content of the game prior to the new data line, and put forward some suggestions for improvement according to the experience effect. Secondly, the most prominent students in "Dragon Slayer planning group" will have the opportunity to become a player trainee, to practice in the "forex21" project team, and to experience the development process of the game. It is understood that there are 5 players, interns, respectively, in the planning, operations, art, market and other teams to experience the game, research, transportation, promotion of the entire process.
"Respect the game player ideas, and actively listen to opinions and make the game game player, game player in the game design", which is especially rare in the domestic game makers, which is also one of the reasons for "forex21" in the card game market sea situation can breakout success. At the same time, to achieve the common growth of the players and the game, is also "forex21" the whole team tireless pursuit of the goal.
It is worth mentioning that this anniversary activities, popular singing music to Lao also came to the scene, and sang "forex21" theme song "legend" 1.85 elements. It is reported that this "1.85 elements legend" by the guild music composition of the "marriage system" adapted from, the 1.85 element legend network last year to obtain the first song of the legal licensing. "The re creation of the 1.85 elements of popular legend" in the classical style on the basis of the Lao, through to the interpretation of the audience to a world full of courage. The song entered NetEase's cloud music in just a few minutes, and the comment had reached thousands. In fact, the creation of this song reflects the forex21 itself: standing on the classic shoulder, and using the Dragon Slayer to recreate a classic.

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